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The sessions listed below are emblematic of the types of session that we want to encourage. Check them out and draw inspiration for your own session! Remember, sessions aren't limited to just "talks," it can be a presentation, panel or discussion group.

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An Illustrated Life Jessica Roux

Local freelance illustrator Jessica Roux explains the importance of drawing what she loves, and how it has led to a successful creative career. Jessica's work, with a focus on flora and fauna, has appeared in the New Yorker, Smithsonian Magazine, The New York Times, Taproot Magazine, and many other publications.
Jessica Roux Illustration

Beacons in the Wild David Nordstedt

What is a Bluetooth Beacon? What is Geomarketing? Find out how you can create your own personal brand on the web, have others know when you are nearby, and do it all with technology you already own. Check out Google's Physical Web and Nearby service to get a head start on this talk. Install Chrome on your phone and enable the Physical Web under Privacy and Settings to have a more interactive experience.

Murals and communities Iryna Kanishcheva

Iryna Kanishcheva will be discussing her current urban art project Grove Street Neighborhood which brings together Gainesville residents and regional artists. She'll compare this effort to her work on the 352walls/The Gainesville Urban Art Initiative, as well as her urban art project Art United Us which is underway Ukraine.

La vie sous vide Eran Schoellhorn

Come along for a dive into the exciting world of cooking sous vide (under vacuum)! We'll explore the history of sous vide cooking techniques, the practical advantages, challenges, and new gadgets that make this practice easy and fun to integrate into your culinary routine. See you there!

Optimizing AWS Dennis Pelton

With everything moving into the cloud at such a rapid rate, how can you possibly know if you're actually utilizing your virtual infrastructure to its fullest potential? OPIE software's DevOps Architect, Dennis Pelton, will discuss how to monitor your cloud infrastructure and save thousands of dollars by making simple changes to your applications and practices using Amazon's cloud tools.

DevOps & Remote Work Martin Smith

What can the latest tech industry trends teach us about working remotely? Can the life of a Digital Nomad offer some deeper insight into success in the same tech industry? Martin Smith will present what he's learned from traveling the world with 75 strangers for a year, working as a DevOps Engineer. He'll have some concrete tips & tricks, share some stories, and give you some concrete take ways you can use to work smarter, work remotely, and be successful.

Blockchain - More than Bitcoin Aaron Dixon

You've probably heard of Bitcoin and if so you have some knowledge of Blockchain technology. But is Blockchain relevant beyond Fintech and cryptocurrency? We will discuss the basics of Blockchain, how it is currently disrupting Fintech and what other industries that might be on the cusp of realizing disruption of its own.

Show Your Why: How to Build a Brand that Lasts Matt Steel

An introduction to what branding is, why it's crucial to start with your "why," and a look at our unique 5-step branding process here at Parisleaf.

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